Founders (now retired)

Carl Wood


Professor Carl Wood was the foundation Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash University. He obtained his medical degree in 1952 at Melbourne University. His graduate training was at the Alfred and Royal Women’s hospitals before going to the University of London and Rockerfeller Institute in the USA to lecture and conduct research. In 1973 Professor Wood’s research team achieved the worlds first clinical pregnancy in Melbourne, although it did not progress beyond a few days.

In 1980 his team was responsible for the birth of Australia’s first IVF baby and in 1983, the world’s first babies from frozen embryos and donor eggs. With an American business woman he pioneered IVF in the USA.

Professor Wood is currently the Medical Director of Monash IVF and has a successful private practice in gynaecology. He is also President of the International Society for Gynaecologic Endoscopy and has served on numerous advisory boards of international journals and been referee for numerous journals of obstetrics and gynaecology.

In 1982 Professor Wood was awarded the Commander of the British Empire and in 1988 the Axel Munthe award an International Prize for Reproductive Science awarded every 3 years and the Companion in the Order of Australia in 1995. He is currently conducting research into endometriosis and fibroids.

Professor Wood has lectured around the world on such subjects as infertility, in vitro fertilisation and pre natal life, foetal care and more recently in gynaecological endoscopy. Among the books he has co-authored are: Gynaecology, Psyche and Sex, Test Tube Conception, The Infertile Couple, Clinical IVF, New Clinical Issues in IVF and ultrastructural Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer. His most recent co-authored books are " Gynaecological Operative Laparoscopy: Current Status and Future Development" and " Hysterectomy, New Options and Advances" He has co-authored more than 22 books, 56 book chapters and 364 journals, including 16 on the treatment of endometriosis.
Professor Carl Wood is the son of a gynaecologist. When he is not working, for which he has great enthusiasm and love he enjoys swimming, tennis, gym and spending time with his children and friends. His work in endometriosis often sees him travelling north to Queensland to advise and operate and to work with gynaecologists wanting to learn the newer "excisional techniques". Carl enjoys working with Peter Maher and together they are planning a year 2000 International Conference on endosurgery. Carl has an optimistic view of endometriosis, as a variety of treatments including drugs, surgery, pain control, emotional counselling and non traditional therapies have made a significant impact on how women are better able to manage their disease.

Janine Walsh

Janine Walsh was the National Program Director of ECCA. She is a co-founder, together with Professor Wood, Professor Maher and Dr Tsaltas. Janine devised the ECCA model of multidisciplinary care, the philosophy, and the organisational and clinical objectives. Janine is also responsible for the implementation of the ECCA program and clinics both in Melbourne and interstate.

ECCA was born from Janine’s own frustration in dealing with endometriosis and from her work at Cliveden Hill Hospital where she often saw women so consumed by endometriosis that it ruled their lives.

Janine is a Registered Nurse with many years experience in Women’s Health. She also currently holds positions as Director of Women’s Health at Cliveden Hill Hospital, Program Director of the Melbourne Fibroid Clinic and works as a consultant in Women’s Health.

The role of National Program Director is a broad one, encompassing, education, counselling, administration of the national service, quality improvement, business development as well as the day to day running of a busy clinical centre.

Actively involved in promoting public awareness of endometriosis, Janine established Australia’s first Endometriosis Awareness Week in August 2000 and the ECCA Foundation for Research and Education in July 2000.

Janine is frequently asked to speak about endometriosis and has given talks to women in factories and other workplaces, shopping centres, schools, universities and at local and regional community health centres. Janine has also presented ECCA to the health profession at both national and international conferences and has co authored ECCA’s book on endometriosis.

Janine encourages women to be involved in their treatment programs and to make informed decisions about their health. She also advocates the use of natural therapies through an integrated approach to care, and the provision of support programs to manage acute disease and reduce the risk of recurrence after treatment. Emotional support is integral to the overall wellbeing of women with endometriosis and Janine believes that women can become empowered to ‘Live well with endometriosis"

" I feel privileged to part of such a dynamic team of health care professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women with endometriosis".